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This is "Speak Up - Kelly Lang Faith and Inspiration"

This week we sat down with Country Music Icon Kelly Lang to talk about her new music and her book. While reading the book we stumbled across an experience she had meeting a woman that was going through a very dark time in her life. Kelly felt a nudge to speak to this woman that she could not explain. For a moment Kelly fought with herself. Why do I feel a need to talk with this stranger? What would I say?

The magic of that moment was that Kelly's kind words that night saved a life. This amazing woman who was fighting battles on every front was ready to give up on life. But she didn't. Why? Because one person had the courage to speak up and say something to a stranger that looked like she needed a moment of encouragement.

JustMy has an amazing interview coming up about Kelly Lang's new music, with this being Suicide Prevention Month we had to share this part of the interview.

Kelly wasn't sure if this part of her story should have been included in this book. But what a great add it was. The point of this is a lesson for all of us. Kelly uses the line Give Your Smile Away! And what a great line that is. It cost us nothing to be nice to others, to speak to others, to share a hug when needed, to give a smile at every chance you can. You don't know what people are going through in life and you never know when your comforting actions may save a life!

Make it a point today to Give Your Smile Away!

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