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There are many sides to Kelly Lang...singer, songwriter, producer, author, speaker, painter, comedian, and most importantly she is a cancer survivor.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Kelly Lang is also a 17-year breast cancer survivor. She not only brings her story of bravery, knowledge, and compassion to her audiences but also entertains and uplifts each and every listener with her words of encouragement and the power she has gained from her breast cancer journey. One thing that separates Kelly from other speakers is the fact that she also sings self-penned songs relating to her cancer journey.

"When asked how cancer changed me, I say that sometimes, something that scary can be considered a death sentence.

I chose to look at it as my "life sentence"

When I was going through breast cancer, I promised God. I said if you allow me to live, I promise to be a light for someone else."

In fact, this "life sentence" has caused Lang to serve as a comfort and a confidant to countless cancer patients through the years. At the same time, she has been able to move forward with an impressive career that has included 11 studio albums and the writing of countless songs for some of country music's biggest stars, including Lorrie Morgan, Crystal Gayle, Ricky Skaggs, T.G. Sheppard, The Oak Ridge Boys, B.J. Thomas, George Jones and more.

in January of 2020, "I'm Not Going Anywhere" was featured nationally in the commercial for Ascension Hospitals. This is a song that Kelly wrote and released on her album 11:11 back in 2007 and its' evolution is nothing short of extraordinary. Seventeen years ago, Lang originally wrote the song for a friend of hers who was serving as a caregiver to her husband as he was going through some serious health issues. But just three months after writing the song, Lang found herself needing to be taken care of too when she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

Kelly Lang - Live Appearance
  • 45 Minute uplifting speech covering Kelly's life story, lessons learned from overcoming cancer, and adding in some humor

  • Includes audience Q&A and book signing.

  • Includes performance of her self-penned songs relating to her cancer journey is included.

Kelly Lang - Livestream
  • 10 Minute - Book Kelly to pop into your virtual event, say hi to some fans, or for whatever you have in mind!

  • 30 Minute - Book Kelly to join your group for a virtual Q&A, share a quick motivational story, or submit whatever you have in mind!

  • 60 Minute - Book Kelly to keynote your organization’s virtual conference, answer your employees’ questions in an inspiring virtual conversation with your staff, engage with you and your clients in a personalized virtual setting, or submit whatever you have in mind!

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