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This album is inspired by Kelly Lang's desire to create a collection of uplifting songs to provide comfort and solace to fans during these difficult times. With twelve songs included, this record contains nine self-penned tracks, including her popular singles “I’m Not Going Anywhere” and

I Think It’s Jesus,” as well as the classic hymns “Amazing Grace” and a unique medley of

Jesus Loves Me / I Surrender All.” Also included on the album is her powerful song,

Life Sentence,” a previously released track that highlights Lang’s fans from around the world who all share one thing in common: cancer. Through her journey, Lang’s optimistic approach to her own battle with breast cancer continues to offer a beacon of hope while dealing with life challenges. The dragonfly universally represents concepts of change, transformation, and self-discovery, all aspects Lang and her fans openly embrace.

“I’ve always believed that music is what feelings sound like,” shares Lang. “In putting this album together, I had that at the forefront of my mind. I hope the melodies and lyrics from the entire ‘Dragonfly’ project are an escape from our everyday stresses and take the listener on a journey to a very special and peaceful place. It’s always intimidating to write and release new music, but I am so thrilled with the positive response that I’m already receiving from my single “I Think It’s Jesus” and I look so forward to sharing the complete album with all of you.”

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