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C&I Music Premiere: T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang’s “Still the One

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T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang are making sweet music together again with their lovely cover of “You’re Still the One,” the first single from their upcoming second duets album. It’s a treat that you should listen to with someone you love, or want to fall in love with all over again — and you can hear it starting today on all streaming platforms.

Sheppard told C&I earlier this week that ever since the success of their first duet album, Iconic Duets, fans have been asking for an encore. “So Kelly and I started this new project about a year and a half ago,” he said. “I mean, we just sat down and picked favorite songs from the past that we loved singing along to in the car, at home, or whatever. And we were sitting around the studio when Kelly said, ‘You know I love that Shania Twain song ‘You’re Still the One.’ I said, ‘Man, I do, too.’ And we’d just seen her not long before that in Vegas — and it was a great song. People loved it.

“So then Kelly said, ‘That’d make a great duet.’ And it did. Some songs that are sung by a single artist, male or female, sometimes make great duets. You don’t think about it being a duet until you do it, but it just really worked. We did it because we just love the song, love singing along with it.”

T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang "You're Still The One"
New single from T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang

Their new, yet-untitled duet album — tentatively set for a spring release — isn’t the only upcoming collaboration for the country music couple. They’re currently in pre-production for T.G. and Kelly Live from 615, a Nashville-based streaming TV show.

The format: “We’ll have a guest artist each week, or an actor or a sports figure, who’s a friend of ours who has been in the national spotlight and is a known celebrity. And then we’ll have all kinds of tidbits about what we’ve been doing that week and what we’ll do a different way. I’ll do a segment in the show called a storytelling segment, where I will tell one of my stories about either Neil Diamond or John Denver or Elvis or whoever, a real intimate story that no one’s ever heard.”

Work on the TV project has been delayed a bit due to circumstances beyond their control. “We’ve had so much going on here in Nashville around our house that we got behind,” Sheppard explained. “When the tornadoes came through, our house got hit. It just blew out the garage doors and twisted a few fencing and air conditioning units — took them off their foundation and stuff. And then, right after that, we got hit with a snow and ice storm here a few weeks ago. It went down to zero temperatures, and we had no power in the house. It has just been a nightmare the last month. So we’re just now getting back up to meeting with people that are going to be working with us on doing the TV show. But we’re still excited about it, and we should be filming something here in the next month.”

So, who came up with the title for the show? “T.G. and Kelly Live from 615? Oh, that was Kelly’s idea. It had kind of a nice ring to it, and it kind of rhymed. So I said, ‘Sure.’ But I give her all the credit. She is just a human dynamo.”

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