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Kelly Lang Releases New Video For Her Duet With Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Lang
Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Lang (Photo by 2911 Media)

Singer-songwriter and author Kelly Lang has created a behind-the-scenes video to coincide with the release of Olivia Newton-John’s final duets album, “Just The Two of Us: Duets Collection Volume 1.” The project features duets with Lang, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Barry Gibb, Michael McDonald, John Travolta, Paul Anka, Jim Brickman and Richard Marx. The video for “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”was premiered by Woman’s World. To view it, click here.

Lang and Dame Olivia Newton-John have known each other for many years not only as fellow artists, but also as close friends and cancer thrivers. Lang's autobiography, titled, “I'm Not Going Anywhere,” includes a foreword written by Newton-John. The two were introduced to each other by their mutual friend, Sir Barry Gibb.

Newton-John’s album, “Just The Two of Us: Duets Collection Volume 1” includes a duet with Lang of the Bee Gees classic “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” written by Gibb.

A press release stated, “What makes this duet so unique is at the time of its recording, all three were thriving friends with a healthy future. Sadly, Olivia passed away before the release of this album, leaving her two friends behind trying to figure out how to mend their broken hearts.

“The kindred friendship these three have shared over the years can’t be described in words, but can be seen in a few rare, behind-the-scenes photos in the new video that is being released for ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.’ ”

Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Lang
Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Lang (Photo by 2911 Media)

Lang said, “I’ll never forget the thrill of being in the studio and singing a duet with my musical hero, Dame Olivia Newton-John. The fact that we became friends through Sir Barry Gibb, the writer of ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,’ the song we recorded, was even more special. I must say, though, that since her passing, the words to this song are even more meaningful. While putting the footage together for this video, I have to admit that many tears were shed. It is very bittersweet now to watch it, knowing that we will never sing together again.”

Lang, an 18-year breast cancer survivor, has shared her journey of healing that brought her through the ups and downs of life in her autobiography “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” which includes her love story with country music legend and husband T.G. Sheppard, her career in the music industry, raising two daughters as a single mother while receiving the devastating diagnosis from her doctor that forever changed her world.

The foreword, written by Newton-John, highlights their friendship and close bond, while the book provides life lessons and showcases Lang’s positive attitude during her darkest days. Now available as an audiobook, every chapter of “I’m Not Going Anywhere” is recorded in Lang’s voice, except one, titled “From T.G.’s Perspective.” For the first time, in T.G.’s voice, listeners are able to hear their journey from his memory, recollection, and point of view.

The press release said, “Never shying away from her faith, Lang shares her powerful story to provide comfort, hope, and even healing to listeners from all walks of life. 'I’m Not Going Anywhere' is available on Amazon, Audible, Apple Books and directly from”

To purchase the audiobook of “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” click here.

“I am thrilled that my book is now available in audiobook format,” Lang said. “Due to vision problems or a busy schedule, many fans have expressed that they would rather listen to a story than read it. Having the ability to provide this version is something close to my heart, as I can definitely relate to both situations.” Lang recently released her anticipated new album, “Old Soul II.”

The press release stated, “Surviving the test of time, Lang’s approach to these 13 popular classic hits of the ’70s and ’80s turns back the hands of time to uncover the feel-good intent of yesteryear, which have become staples in the hearts of millions. This collection of hits contains songs from music's greatest era, including ‘Midnight Train To Georgia,’ ‘Careless Whisper,’ ‘Every Time You Go Away,’ and a special dance version of ‘Missing You.’ The music video for ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ was recently premiered by Taste Of Country.”

Old Soul II” is available to download and stream on all digital platforms. Listen/stream/buy here.

For more information on Lang, visit her new website or follow her on social media: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

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