You Don't Know Me
If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)
Bluer Than Blue
Run To Me
I Don't Need You
The Next One
The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
I Can't Make You Love Me
You Are So Beautiful To Me
My Love

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Shades Of K

Released 2013

Leopard Entertainment


I Thought He'd Here By Now
On And On
What I Wouldn't Give
I'm Not Going Anywhere
I Was Wrong
If You Knew
If I'd Only Known
I'm Done
When I'm Gone
Dead Girl Walking
You Are My Sunshine
Goodbye Darlin'


Released 2011

Leopard Entertainment


I Walk Alone
For You
What Do You Do When You Don't
Under A Tennessee Moon
How Does It Feel
Woman Thing
I'm Not Going Anywhere
Everytime The WInd Blows
Never Met A Man
Lonely On Lake Shasta
I Reach For Red
When I'm Gone


Something Fishy Goin' On
If I'd Only Known
Carries Me Away
Very Marilyn
You Think You're Su-uh


Jagged Edges


Goodbye Darlin
Something Bout Ya
You Complete Me
Down In Destin
Party Time
He's Too Good To Be Blue
SIngle Mother
Feels Like Home
These Are Them
Looking Down
When We Loved Here
Down On My Knees


It's About Time